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Monday 2 September 2013

Waxham Gnome Extravaganza


How are we all? I have been on holiday!!!! Over the bank holiday we went to visit family and to spend some time in the caravan at Waxham. For those of you who don't know, it is a small village on the Norfolk coast. The campsite we stay at is a mile or so away nearer to Horsey (which is famous for the multitude of baby grey seals come December)......nothing fancy......just a shop and a chip van which makes it perfect for getting away from everything, and a quick (but slightly tiring!) walk over the sand dunes gets you to the sea :-) We all had a brilliant time, it was great to see everyone and to top it off the sun shone for the entire weekend!

As I have mentioned a couple of times in recent weeks we always have a theme......and this weekend was gnomes!

So, we had to paint a gnome......

......these are mine and Pete's efforts

.....dress up as gnomes.........

.......and we had 'gnome-themed' afternoon tea......

The other challenge was to make a 'gnome-garden' for our caravans. This is my Mum's beautifully decorated caravan......

........and my sister crocheted some brilliant toadstool bunting for her caravan.....

and a close up to fully appreciate their fabulousness

I didn't have time to make a garden for my caravan but I did get round to painting it.

So before it looked like this:

Pretty dirty, flaky paint and a lot of moss along the stripe......and after:


Its brilliant white again with a gorgeous pink stripe ('fondant fancy' on the tin!). I absolutely LOVE it! Check out the hearts on the hub-caps and the clear blue sky! I know I have gone on about the weather but seriously, its the best weather we have had on this weekend in years! 

When it got a bit chilly we moved into the gazebo where you can see the mushrooms that I made strung up into bunting!

Can't wait for next year! 

Hope you too had a brilliant bank-holiday weekend,

SS xx


  1. What a fabulous holiday! I love the mushroom cake and bunting!

    1. Thanks Ellie, we had a lovely time. Was great to see you the other week :-)

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