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Sunday 8 September 2013

SallyStrawberry is now on Facebook!


Hope you all had a brilliant weekend :-)

I am using that bit of "urgh its nearly Monday already......weekend is over" moping time, just waiting to go to bed and the inevitable to resume, to catch up on some blogging. Even though I don't have work tomorrow morning, and I rarely do on a Monday, I still have that feeling most Sundays. 

I have had loads of ideas for posts over the last couple of days, and have read loads of interesting things that I would like to elaborate on given the time. I now have about 10 drafted posts (titles only, I'm not that organised!) that I would like to write about all manner of things. But for now, I would like to announce that I have generated a Facebook page!!!!! 

There are a couple of reasons for this.....the first being that blog posts take a while to write and format (and up-loading pictures takes ages- more than the time it takes to make a cuppa, or a 'brew' as I have got used to calling them up-North!). I can therefore just use the Facebook page for up-loading quick phone snaps of what I am up to craft-wise. The second is that I have taken the plunge and signed up to a couple of craft fairs (more in a post in the near future), and for the application the organisers want to see your work on Facebook. It appears they liked what they saw as I got accepted! Take a look if you fancy it :-) (pssst......its the massive icon on the right of this post!)

For now I will leave you with a picture of our afternoon tea and cake in a local cafe- a perfect antidote to the impending' Monday feeling'.

Have a fantastic week, will be in touch.

Much love,

SS xx

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