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Saturday 17 January 2015


It was so cold yesterday morning there was no way I was getting out of the car to scrape the ice off, so instead I just took photos. From the inside.

Stay safe and warm xx

Thursday 15 January 2015

A random post of nothing much at all.......

I really didn't know what to post about, but I had a really strong urge to just the same. So, here I am. 

Want to see my latest project? Here you go :-) Its the 'Scandi' cushion cover from Simply Crochet (issue 23). I'm making slow but steady-ish progress, but keeping on top of the 4 balls of yarn and preventing tangles makes it even slower. I'm totally fine with that though, as I really do not want crochet to = stress this year.

What do you think? I've kept the colour-scheme exactly as the pattern. I'm a bit concerned the blue is a bit dark but I'm loving the pink, mustard and cream together. This will be for my sister and she knows all about it so I can post freely without getting into any pickles!

I've also been playing a bit of guitar, with varying success. I've found this great series of online classes though that I'm working through. Bizarrely the website has been disabled as I tried to post a link for you..........

Talking of websites I've had my own domain for an age. I even started designing my website. Mmmmmm, perhaps something I should be getting on with. There is no way I will attempt it though until I get a new computer that doesn't crash every five minutes, or every time I try and switch between internet tabs......so may be a while before you will be able to feast your lovely eyes on that one!

Exam time (and Birthday time- eek!) for me next week. I also have a couple of days off work for making, seeing family and taking lots of photos. 

Until next time.....

Monday 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Sorry, I know its a bit late but Happy New Year all the same! I just looked back and realised that I didn't post at all in December, neither did I post at all last December. Obviously December isn't a great blogging month for me......more of a party month.....lots of nights out, lots of booze and lots of lying in all day at the weekends. Hey, ho, you've got to live a little hey?

A friend asked me at the weekend if I had made any resolutions. "Ah no" I replied, completely forgetting that I had put together a vague plan of how to make full time work, crochet and blogging work harmoniously, with minimal stress. We'll see how it goes.... 

Anyway, I'm hoping to crochet (or even knit!) something for a friend/family member/myself, and design something and put a pattern out (however big or small) every 2-3 months. I will also try and blog twice a month, and more if I can. Once I've put a schedule together I'll let you all know when to expect to hear/not to hear from me :-)

Other plans for the year include learning to play the guitar- I taught myself 4 chords this evening and my hands and fingers are killing me now! Run this half marathon if my legs hold out- not looking good so far as I've been injured for a month, and do loads of cycling- already got a couple of rides planned (if the legs hold out!) which I'm really looking forward to!

So, what about you? Have you made any resolutions or got any plans for 2015? If so I would love to hear all about them :-)

I did so little over Christmas I didn't even take any photos. Here is one taken by a family friend on a boxing day walk (remember the run I was supposed to do with my sister? I walked it instead) with Chloe our little whippet. I didn't realise quite how misty it was at the time. 

Have a good week everyone!


P.s I totally got caught out here- the friend the gift was for saw it and new exactly what it was when I gave it to her last week. Oops! She liked it anyway :-)