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Tuesday 21 October 2014

7 things I wish I'd known when I started to crochet......

Did anyone see this post on the Love Knitting blog? 

....."7 things I wish I'd known when I started knitting".....

Go read it, I'm sure for your knitters out there some of it will definitely resonate. It sure did for me, a couple of the points especially. I thought that I would list a couple of the things that I wish I'd known when I started to crochet.

1. Fluorescent shades and black yarn are a massive no-no

Anything bright pink yellow or orange will hurt your eyes. Badly. This coupled with a headache from concentrating so hard is a recipe for disaster and will put even the most keen off! Ditto crocheting anything in black yarn as it is so incredibly hard to see the stitches. I made the mistake of learning a new stitch in a project using black yarn and it took my hours to crochet something that would have taken minutes in a lighter coloured yarn.

2. Just because you are beginner doesn't mean you should use really cheap yarns

These yarns will catch and squeak on your hook and and some may even hurt your hands. There are some good acrylic yarns out there, but nothing will delight you more than crocheting with some luxurious yarn...I'm thinking alpaca blends, squidgy soft wool.....don't go for anything too fluffy or chunky as a beginner though as it will make things harder.

3. Crochet is addictive, but don't do it all the time

Too much crochet is a sure-fire way to RSI (repetitive strain injury). You can read about my experiences with this here. This leads on to number 4.....

4. Invest in a couple of ergonomic crochet hooks in the sizes you use most regularly

A great way of preventing RSI if you just can't put your hook down. 

5. Crochet technique is very personal to the individual

Crochet how you feel comfortable, not how some book or YouTube video tells you. As long as you can make the stitches using your preferred technique, go with it. 

6. You will never remember it all

There are stitches and stitch combinations that how every many times you do them you will still forget. This is what stitch guides and the internet are for!

7. Your life will never be the same again (in a good way!)

Any crochet addicts will know exactly what I mean here, and I'll leave the rest of you to find out :-)