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Friday 20 September 2013

Baby steps.....of different sizes....

Good afternoon and Happy Friday!

Today I finished the second baby bootie I posted about on Wedesday. Cute don't you think?!

I was pretty pleased with them apart from quite a major problem......

There is about a 1cm size difference between the two. Uh-Oh! I think this is because when I made the first bootie (the right one, or the left one in the picture above) a week or so ago when my wrists were still a bit painful. I think I was knitting a bit loose to prevent the pain. They are now a lot better (although had a bit of pain yesterday at work- making 5 cakes probably didn't help!) and I knitted the second bootie in three stints of about 10 minutes with no pain at all :-) 

Thinking positively and re-igniting the knitting bug I may have been a bit naughty and have done about an hour of knitting today in total. Maybe a bit too much but I will see tomorrow as it takes a while for the pain to set in. I am trying to make some knitted 'sugar' mice- can't wait to show them to you once I have finalised the pattern.

Fingers crossed for no pain tomorrow!

Up to anything nice this weekend? Have a great one,

SS xx

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