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Sunday 17 February 2019

Our garden in February

I'm starting a serious of photos "Our garden in...." with one post a month, documenting our garden  over the seasons. I need a photography project to get me back into taking photos, a hobby that I used to love. 

In February, as our garden comes back to life, I hope that my passion for photography does too. 

In February, we are starting to see the appearance of daffodils....

In February we are excited to see that our Hydrangea is showing signs of new life....

 In February our raspberry bush that we thought was no more has these tiny new shoots.....

In February the Primrose is in full flower again...

In February the 'Red Robin' is sporting these rather lovely looking buds....

In February, our sweet pea that I planted far too late last summer has grown some new leaves and curly tendrils, maybe it will even flower this year?


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