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Thursday 26 September 2013

Enough of the procrastination


Hope you are all well! The title of this post says it all really......"Enough of feeling sorry for yourself having poorly wrists......stop blog hopping and feeling jealous of everyone for being able to make things.....and actually DO SOMETHING!" I seem to have got myself into a constant state of lethargy whereby I can't even be bothered to leave the house......which has got to change. RIGHT NOW.

On the wrist front my right wrist which has been causing all the problems is very very slowly getting better. Yay!! If I do something that makes it hurt it has been ok the next day, whereas before if I did anything that made it hurt I would be set back a few weeks......improvement I guess, but its just been painfully slow. The only problem is my left wrists has started hurting-maybe I will be left with wrist pain forever that just alternates from wrist to wrist?!?! Noooooooooo! I can knit a tiny bit though which is a positive.

Enough of feeling sorry for myself though as I have loads I could be doing such as:

  • Planning a crochet workshop series for November
  • Applying for science research jobs
  • Blog posts- I have a couple almost ready to go- just need to sort some pics- I am just being lazy here
  • Get out and practice with my borrowed camera- its sunny so may actually do this RIGHT NOW!
  • Finding the perfect vegan brownie recipe- I'm not vegan, its just something I am on a mission for do
  • Compile a recipe book
  • Read my book group book- American Tabloid by James Ellroy- not 100% sure about it but will give it a go
  • Charity shop hopping to find a dress to wear for my friends wedding in a couple of weeks
Right now I am going to make the most of my day off and make a meal and cake for friends, then go and take some pics so share with you later!

Hope you are all well

SS xx

p.s anyone know of a good vegan brownie recipe?!?! ;-p

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