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Wednesday 18 September 2013

Baby steps


Since my last post I have done a teeny tiny bit of knitting......about 10 mins or so at a time. I have decided to try knitting as I think it was crochet rather than knitting that sparked off my sore wrist/arm/hand. I am still getting occasional twinges of pain (but I think these are reducing in frequency by the day), and I would much rather wait until I was completely better before starting out again.....but I am so incredibly impatient! I am therefore doing as little as I can possibly contemplate.

And what am I making?


These are from a free pattern on Ravelry by April Cromwell.

Can't wait to show you them finished, fingers crossed with a pain-free arm!

I am probably doing a bit more computer work than I should......so I am going 'computer free' for the rest of the day......or until I have finished this post!

Take care,

SS xx

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