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Saturday 2 January 2021

Advent Calendar Blanket

 First off, hope 2021 brings better things. 

This (or last I suppose) year I was finally able to afford one of these yarn advent calendars I'd seen Instagram awash with. However, come Dec 1st I could not muster the enthusiasm, let alone the Christmas spirit so left it on the top of the shelf in the spare room. At some point between Christmas and New Year I thought it would be nice to have something to look forward to in January, so I strung the little pouches onto some string ready for the 1st. 

My plan was always to make a patchwork corner to corner crocheted blanket, using the join as you go method. I also picked up a set of 10g mini skeins in the sale from The Knitting Goddess to supplement the speckles I was expecting from the Mothy and the Squid advent yarn. 

The first two skeins definitely fit the 'speckled' genre of hand dyed yarn.....the first being a mixture of raspberry ripple and blue bubblegum ice-cream, and the second a mix of browns, greens and tiny flecks of blue, reminiscent of a mossy forrest floor.