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Friday 6 September 2013

Exciting times- my blog has made it onto Google!

Hello everyone!

I owe you all a massive thank you all for viewing, following and commenting on my blog. It has made me so happy and excited :-) I can't thank you enough as now SallyStrawberry is being recognised by Google. Just had a little check and if I searched for 'SallyStrawberry knitting' it was the top entry......followed shortly by my Facebook page (please like if you fancy it!). When I searched 'Crochet Strawberry Bunting' my bunting (pattern here) comes up as the top image result! Woo hoo!

This has only happened because of increased traffic to my site and links in other blogs etc.....which is down to all of you, so once again, thank you!

Much love,

SS xx

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