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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello everyone!

Firstly I would just like to say a massive welcome and thank you to my new followers. I was so happy to see you following my sometimes aimless ramblings and sharing in my new projects and ideas!

This week has been a continuation of the chaos I posted about on Sunday really......the same projects are still ongoing and as yet nothing has been finished! I have been taking it a bit easier this week as towards the end of last week I was either crocheting or knitting for about 6 hours before work and my wrist was getting a bit sore. I am a bit worried about getting RSI so have been having a teeny rest. Back to business today though so I will keep this post short to maximise crafty time  :-) 

Here is the bunny I posted about on Sunday. Then it was just a small rectangle of stocking stitch (which turned out to be a leg). Here is is so far.......

......a cross between Morph and a giant clothes peg I think! Will definitely start looking like a bunny once it has eyes and its ears sewn on :-)

In between sentences of this post I am also working on the Crochet Camp 'Cold at night Handwarmer's. I now have a pair! I just need to sew in the ends and go button shopping. I will post about these once they are totally finished as they are quite lovely.

I am pretty excited as this afternoon I am popping on the tram to the nearest wool shop with a couple of friends. I have been teaching a friend to crochet and she is doing marvellously on her first blanket- I'm so proud :-) I hope she will let me share a picture once she has finished it! She would like to learn more about different types of wool and maybe start a new project so what better place to start than by going shopping!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine :-)

SS xx

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