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Monday 19 August 2013

Crafty Chaos........Calm (ish)

Good afternoon!

The time for a visit to the south is nigh........and I have just calmed down craft-wise (well for the time being anyway but more about that later!) from the chaos I posted about last weekend.....too much to do, no way near enough time! I got my head down (hook/needles down?!) and just got on with it. Yes, my arm now hurts and yes, the house is a total mess but YAY!!! I AM ALL DONE!

Project 1:

I will start by showing you the bunny I have been making for Masie. This is from a pattern that I found via the Deramores Facebook page but can be found here on Ravelry. It is a knitted design by Yvonne Boucher and I though it was so so cute and had to have a go!

Last Wednesday the bunny looked like this:

......essentially a large squidgy clothes peg with wings!

By last night it looked like this :-)

Honey Bunny by SallyStrawberry designed by Yvonne Boucher

......and it even has a fluffy tail!

Honey Bunny by SallyStrawberry designed by Yvonne Boucher

I love how it has turned out- even cuter than in the picture on the pattern! It even has joined arms! I embroidered the eyes rather than using buttons as it is for a baby and I would hate if she managed to get one off and swallowed it or something. It took me quite a bit longer than I expected due to all the extra components.....tail, dress, bow etc.

For anyone who is interested I used Bergere de France Barisiemme yarn (100% Acrylic so washable) in Melisse (the cream), Papeete (the turqouise) and Chataigne (the brown). It was a bit scratchy for my liking really but I bought it online (as it was the only brand on Deramores that sold all three colours I was after) and probably wouldn't use it again.

Project 2: 

The Crochet Camp 'Cold at Night' Handwarmers. On Wednesday I had a pair that needed finishing off. Now, ta-dah......wait for it...... I have 2 pairs and both totally finished. Wooooopeeeee!!!!!

Cold at Night Handwarmers by SallyStrawberry designed by Kat Goldin

And they fit like a 'glove'!

The pink button on the turquoise one is glittery! The red pair are for a friend and I am keeping the turquoise ones.

I used Artensano 100% Alpaca double knitting and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It is so lovely and soft and great to work with. They will definitely get some wear this weekend and I can't wait!

Project 3:

I introduced the 'Waxham Gnome Extravaganza' a couple of weeks ago in a WIP Wednesday post.....and this is happening THIS COMING WEEKEND! 

My previous description of the 'event'.......

 "but to cut a long story short we have to dress up as gnomes all bank-holiday weekend whilst camping/caravanning in a windy, rainy campsite- I'm not being pessimistic, the weather is usually rubbish! Despite the weather we have loads of, often alcohol fuelled, fun though! All my costume needs now are some crochet embellishments (of the creepy crawly kind!) which I will hopefully get round to soon"

........is in need of a bit of revision as we are due another heat-wave at the weekend (yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!). However, we are still all dressing up and here is the making of my costume:

Item 1- a pinafore dress from Primark

Add a crochet belt trim....

This is a granny stripe (2 rows of granny bordered by double crochet in Stylecraft (100% Acrylic) Pomegranate and Meadow. Go here for Lucy's Granny Stripe Tutorial which I used as a basis.

Add toadstool appliqué.....

I designed this very quickly myself. When I have more time I will try and improve it and write up the pattern but if you would like the pattern now then let me know and I will right it up quick-fast!

And put it all together...a 'Gnome Dress'!

Gnome Dress by SallyStrawberry

I know these aren't the best photos but there has been next to no light today, indoors or out. I did manage a picture of the toadstool in the teeny bit of sun we got though.

Toadstool Appliqué by SallyStrawberry

As soon as I saw the sun I dashed outside- lucky I made it in time as it only lasted seconds!

The belt was actually a bit big but I used the remaining button from the red handwarmers to fasten it off. I think it worked really well- so well I probably should have done it deliberately!

When I said I was 'all done' I still have some more of these guys to make, but thank goodness for long train journeys!

Much love to all and have a great week!

SS xx

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