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Thursday 11 July 2013

Designing a pattern

Hi all,

Hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine!

Following from my last post on Monday I have been putting together a pattern for the crochet strawberry I made to share with you all. I think it would make fab bunting :-) Its been a lot more fiddly and time-consuming than I thought to convert my scribbles and scrawls into something useable! Then there are the constant typos I keep making ('No, I meant half-treble, NOT treble etc!)......and my loosing the ability to count (the sun must have gone to my head!)......and my occasionally illegible hand-writing (htr into the same stitch or the next???). It is getting there though so patience please! 

I was directed to a brilliant blog post earlier today by Not So Granny about pattern design which was both really useful and also highlighted the amount of work that goes into designing a pattern. Definitely work a read if you are into pattern design, but equally if you buy patterns online/moan about the cost of them!

After all the 'hard' work I turned to cake.........

SS xxx

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