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Friday 26 July 2013

Cute Crochet!

Hi all,

Guess what I have done since my WIP post on Wednesday? You guessed it.....started a new project! Well two actually (naughty!). The first is a delightful little baby cupcake hat designed by Sarah at 'Repeat Crafter Me'. This is as a gift for a friend of a friend of my sister who is expecting very soon (hence why I had to get on with it ASAP!) Its is only for age 0-3 months so is teeny tiny, I love it! I used Stylecraft Supersoft Aran and a 5mm hook. Here is a picture of it modelled by my child-hood toy monkey 'Daniel' due to a lack of available babies!

And on its own so that you can really see the detail:

Baby Crochet Cupcake Hat by SallyStrawberry designed by Sarah of 'Repeat Crafter Me'

Top View

I am thrilled with the way this hat has turned out. It was a brilliant pattern to follow (US crochet) and I can't wait to try some more of Sarah's hats which can be found here, amongst lots of other crochet loveliness. 

Project number two is one of my own designs, a strawberry-centred granny square! I struggled to get the square to actually look like a square but think I achieved it in the end *tugging out the corners a bit*

What do you reckon? I think I am going to make a cushion cover out of them....

Crochet Strawberry Granny Square by SallyStrawberry

I am part way through writing up the pattern which currently looks like this....

.....bit of a way to go but hang on in there :-p

I had another post in mind this week about some really interesting blog posts I had read concerning designing and selling your own work, but due to a weekend of work (and the Deramores sale!!!! EXCITING!) it may have to wait til next week.

Have a good weekend everyone!

SS xx


  1. I absolutely love the strawberry granny square! You have to make it into a cushion it would look fabulous!