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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday


It is Wednesday right?? I work all sorts of hours and shifts and get confused sometimes! The last week has been mega busy with work, friends visiting, BBQs and more work.....which equals very little time for making things. In addition I have just discovered Pinterest which I am sure has sapped way more of my spare time than I should have allowed (call it 'creative inspiration'). 

The projects I was working on towards the tail end of last week are all part of a theme (a very yummy theme!) that unfortunately I cannot share with you for a couple of weeks as they are top secret (shhhhh) and are going to be given as gifts in the next few weeks. After that I can reveal all.

Due to a lack of completed projects I thought I would share with you all the things I haven't done- so all the things I have been putting off really. I'm sure everyone is the same....its so easy to get a bit bored with a project, or that something new and more exiting crops up that you have to make RIGHT NOW. I thought that maybe if I shared these projects I would actually have the impetus to finish them, and I may make 'Work in Progress Wednesday' a regular feature and update you all on my progress! Two of these projects are knitted, and the rest crochet.

1. Felted owl cushion

This kit was a gift about three years ago when I was still fairly new to knitting. It is by Rowan and uses Kidsilk yarn (in my opinion one of the best yarns ever- so soft and luxurious!). I don't think the kit is in production anymore and neither are the yarn colours :-( To make the stripes on the front I carried the yarn across which resulted in massive tangles and temper tantrums so it was left aside for a couple of years! It was only the beginning of this year that I finished knitting it. I machine felted it and now all it awaits is stuffing. Only unfinished due to laziness I am ashamed to say......AIM: finish by next Wednesday!

Before felting:

2. Single knitted sock

Ok, so this was my first attempt at knitting a sock.....and it took me three attempts! I kept on dropping stitches, putting it down and picking it back up only to knit back the way I had come from etc. I am thrilled with the resulting sock (and it fits!) but just need to pluck up the courage to make a start on the next one.....AIM: finish by....Christmas?In time for winter?

3. Crochet Camp Bunting

Week 2 of crochet camp commenced this week. The project: Granny Square Bunting. I have only managed to fit in making three but may join them up to form a down-wards hanging chain with some pom-poms at the bottom......AIM: finish by next week :-)

4. Zpagetti tote bag

Anyone tried crocheting with Zpagetti by Hoooked? It is recycled yarn made from fashion fabrics such as T-Shirt material. When it was introduced into the haberdashery department of my local department store last year I had to have a go with it. It is thick so I used a 12mm hook. It was quite tricky to get the hang of but great and crocheted up fast once I got going. I just need to finish it......I would need a second ball to do so as the bag I started making (after glancing at a pattern for 20 seconds) is way bigger than I anticipated. They now do a larger range of colours compared to when I got my yarn, which was then only available in 4 or 5 basic colours. AIM: finish by Autumn (I hope!)


I am very excited about this project which I started over the weekend in the park.It is going to be a 'Groovyghan', the pattern for which I found on Ravelry and is designed by Tracy St. John of stixyarn- check out some of the fantastic free patterns on her site. I just love all the interesting motifs and with so many different components and colours how could I possibly get bored of this project?!?! I am not 100% happy about my choice of yarn colour (Stylecraft from Deramores) but having already sent half of my order back after my initial re-evaluation of my colour choices I am sticking with what I have got! So far I have completed 3 of 7 granny squares......AIM: complete by when it gets cold/before I have to start making presents for Christmas!

I have read some brilliant blog posts this week which I will share with you in my next post!

Love, SS xx

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