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Monday 7 July 2014

Le Tour de France comes to Yorkshire

 Whooooosh! Whizzzzzz! Can you guess where I was this weekend? Yep, you got it, we went to watch the Tour pass through Yorkshire.....and it was amazing! The atmosphere was fantastic, from the mass of people at Leeds train station at 8.30 in the morning, to streets lined with enthusiastic spectators in Ilkley where we chose to watch the tour pass. The people of Ilkley had really gone to town....there were BBQs, beer tents, and after the bikes had passed we went to the park where they had a big screen showing the rest of the ride, along with more food stalls, fairground rides and most importantly a Pims vender! 

All in all a brilliant day! Here are a few more photos (including some yarny ones- I couldn't forget them now could I).

Did any of you see the ride? What did you think? Sadly I didn't see any more knitted jerseys but it was still a fantastic day. Plus, look at that sky!! 

Off to watch the 3rd stage (on the TV this time :-( ). Ta-Rah!

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