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Tuesday 20 May 2014

This weekend...cake, crafts and bugs! Pt. 2

So yesterday you saw what we ate, today this is what we saw....

Ladybird on a sage flower (I have never seen a sage flower before but both of our sage plants are in full bloom this year....maybe its not good for the herb quality but I don't care- they are so pretty)

....and another ladybird on the end of a knitting needle. Yes, knitting and insects combined- my two favorite things.

.....and another picked up by my friend Hayley......you can see its face!

I was taking some general photos of our herbs (we grew all of these from seed ya know!) and when cropping the picture noticed there was another bug emerging from one of the sage flowers....

.......he looks poised for flight! I just love the colours in this photo.

Here we have Bailey....our next door neighbour's cat who had all but disappeared whilst I was getting my camera set up!

He is gorgeous- sometimes I have to resist the urge not to steal him! Luckily he is very friendly so we give him lots of cuddles!

I hope this weather holds!


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