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Tuesday 27 May 2014

The bank holiday weekend

This isn't actually going to be a post about what I got up to over the bank holiday weekend, as quite frankly it would be a very boring read- not much to say and no pictures. This is because I worked the entire weekend. Bank holidays in the catering industry are notoriously busy, so consequently not only did I put in the hours I was rushed off my feet for every one of them! Coupled with a (very) boozy night out Sunday I can admit to feeling a little broken this morning. There are loads of things I need to be getting on with but I fear the way I am feeling today may mean I screw something up, setting me back another day! So, after publishing this post I may retire to the sofa with a cuppa and reclaim a bit of energy in preparation for work this evening......

Work doesn't always get in the way of crafting though, and between shifts I sewed in all the ends of my work in progress blanket which you can read about here and here. If I can summon up the energy I may lay out all the pieces and begin to think about sewing it up.

I don't mean this to be a moany woe me post, as although I do loathe working bank holidays I think it may be the last one I will have to work in a long time (fingers crossed!). I have some very exciting news to hopefully share soon, as long as all the details are finalised.

What did you get up to at the weekend? I would love it if you could post some links to your bank holiday posts so I can see all your lovely pictures :-) 

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