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Thursday 22 May 2014

Healthy snacks and knitting books

I'm trying to be healthier at the moment, I've started going to the gym (gasp!) and am making more of an effort with my diet. Working in a pizza restaurant I eat a lot of carbs, and I mean a lot- breakfast, lunch and dinner! I'm trying to eat more fruit and veg and incorporate more protein into my meals. I also think that eating better and doing more exercise will help with my RSI. To get through a long evening shift at work I need healthy energy-giving food so what better snack than a banana? The only problem is I haven't eaten a single one of the bunch of bananas I bought last week (I blame this on being ill and a lack of appetite), and my whole flat is starting to smell of ripe bananas. Ewww!

I would have normally just made a banana bread to use up the bananas, but as I said I'm trying to be healthy so I checked out out some alternatives.  After a quick google I came across this recipe for 'Banana and Oat Bites' on Julie's blog, 'The Simple Veganista' . Her blog is a feast for your eyes- beautiful photography of simple (often raw), healthy vegan dishes. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I'm not a vegan, but I do tend to eat vegan a lot of the time, and as I'm trying to eat more healthily often vegan food is the way to go. 

Another bonus of this recipe is that it only contains 3 main ingredients (or 4 if you want to add an extra little treat). THREE! and its all made in one bowl so minimal washing up! No sugar, no flour, just banana, oats and cinnamon. I added sunflower seeds for a bit of protein and crunch.  Delicious! I polished off those in no time and am struggling the temptation to sneak back for a third.  

In other news, the polling station is in the library so I had a quick browse of the craft books and found this one: 'Knits to fit and flatter' by Jane Ellison (the owner of the infamous Purl and Jane in Skipton). You can see some of her designs on her Ravelry designer page. There are at least 5 projects in it I am desperate to try! Have any of you knitted from her patterns? 


P.s. I'll hold my hands up I got takeaway on Tuesday (and it included a portion of chips of which I ate the whole lot!) 

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