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Tuesday 3 June 2014


I'm very excited to announce that as of Friday you will be able to buy some of my crochet creations from Stitched Up in Chorlton, Manchester. Stitched Up is a shop-come workspace selling ethically produced clothing and accessories and running classes in a huge range of things with a focus on upcycling and sustainable fashion. It is a non-profit cooperative run by 6 lovely ladies who I have had the great pleasure of meeting recently. I will be stocking some of their shelves with summery bunting and home accessories such as coasters and placemats.

In order to make my products stand out from the other great work in the shop (oh boy is there some lovely stuff- do pop in if you can) I have been thinking more about branding so have ordered a stamp with my logo and am thinking of a colour scheme........at the moment I'm erring towards red on pink- like this blog! What do you think?

I have also been making making making. Do you remember my retro coasters? If not you can find them here. I've had a great response from these at markets but I've always had a bit of a problem- I make them in sets of 4 and sell them in sets of 4- but people keep on asking to buy just one! Fair enough if you want one coaster but then who would want the remaining 3...?!? So I have a plan. I am going to made loads of coasters in a range of different colours so people can mix and match and buy as many or as few as they would like. Here is one of the varieties that will be available.....

Retro Crochet Coaster Pink and Blue by SallyStrawberry

What do you think? I really like this colour combination. There will be plenty more to follow :-)

I also started on some new bunting this morning. Its not my usual colours or style but there's something about it I just love.......kind of 'pretty' vintage rather than the 'retro' vintage I usually find myself drawn to.

They are blocking at the moment but can't wait to show you it finished (and I am excited to see it!).

Finally, anyone know what these gorgeous flowers are? We have had them at work and I rescued a couple before they were disposed of.....

I hope you are all having a great day!



  1. The new bunting looks gorgeous Sally, I love the edging... also, I think the flower is an Allium. x

    1. Awwr, thank you! Also thanks for the identification- I had a quick google and I think you are right. Not only do they look lovely they smell great too! They were attracting lots of bees at work

  2. How exciting! Love the coasters and bunting x

    1. Thank you! I'm very excited- making more bunting today!