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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I can't remember if I ever said before, but for some bizarre reason I am designing a jumper! I usually design small crocheted items so designing a knitted jumper is totally new to me. Ever since I knitted THAT jumper as a sample for a knitting book (never again am I doing that much work for so little return- not to mention the stress it caused me!) I have been hankering over knitting a jumper of my design. This is totally out of my comfort zone but you don't know if you don't try ey? 

Ideas come to me at the strangest of times....usually when I'm in the shower or on the loo! I also sometimes just wake up with an idea though, and these ideas are often my best and most feasible. Somehow I even manage to work out the construction so am pretty much ready to go come morning! I'm not sure how this all works but I'm perpetually knackered so maybe my brain just doesn't ever really switch off.

Anyway, weird hyperactive brains aside, I'm knitting a jumper. I knew the yarn I wanted (chunky/aran) and the tone (muted) and the use of this jumper (a loose-fitting but warm jumper for when the nights are getting cooler but you still want to sit outside late by the fire kinda thing). I even had a vague idea of the stitch pattern (textured). I knew this jumper had to be simple, for one because it is my first attempt at designing something to fit, and secondly, a simple, basic design was what I had in mind. I really wanted to showcase the yarn and the stitches and nothing else (bar the amazing person wearing it of course!)

I'm a mathsy, sciencey kind of person, so with the help of a set of online tutorials I have graded the jumper for sizes 8-18, methodically working through my calculations and thankfully, they all make sense and add up! Hooray! Time to start knitting.....

With this yarn and needle size it is working up really quickly. I'm absolutely loving the colour and the yarn (Artesano Aran) is an absolute joy to work with. Here is the back so far (held against my front as taking a backwards photo would be even harder than this one was!).

What do you think so far?  

I have high hopes for this one. A little positivity never did anyone any harm :-) 


P.S. Did you spot the little strawberry on the radiator??

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