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Friday 31 January 2014

Decopatch at Craftelicious

So, it was my Birthday on Thursday and I had the day to myself, what to do? First up a meeting at the bank (I know!) and then I thought I would treat myself to a bit of decopatch at Craftelicious.

Craftelicious is a fantastic family run craft studio and cafe in Chorlton, Manchester, specialising in decopatch, pottery and ceramic painting and mosaics for both adults and children alike. Despite running Chorlton Crochet Club there for a good while I have never actually partaken in any activity other than crochet and drinking tea (and very nice the tea is too!). As I seem to be spending most of my life carrying out some crochet related activity at the moment I thought it would be great to try something different. 

Craftelicious is a gorgeous, bright and airy cafe decorated in purples, pinks and pale blues- a perfect space for encouraging creativity. 

First things first though, my stomach was growling by the time I had finished at the bank. Craftelicious has a fantastic menu of both sweet and savory crepes.....ranging from cheese and beans, to mozzarella and pesto, to goats cheese and caramelised onion. I went with the goats cheese and it was absolutely delicious! I would definitely have it again and I would recommend it to anyone! If you prefer to go sweet then there are loads of options to tempt you.....traditional lemon and sugar, nutella, banana.....

Now to business. What is decopatch then you may ask? 

You may have heard of decoupage? It is a French word meaning to "cut up" of "cut out" and the technique involved decorating object by cutting up bits of paper and gluing them to the surface. The surface would then be varnished to give a good finish.  Decopatch is the more modern form, using thinner paper and a combined glue and varnish meaning that you have more flexibility over your work due to the thinner paper and don't have to apply loads of varnish after you have finished.

I started with this little fellow:

and armed with paper, glue and a paint-brush set to work. 

I chose to use mainly red, yellow and orange paper. You can see the white glue here but it dried clear. Although the elephant was small it was quite fiddly, especially when it came to covering the legs, I was soon absorbed by it and only realised that a few hours had passed when it began to get dark!

Here he is! I'm thrilled with him and he has now taken pride of place on my bookshelf!

I would definitely recommend getting yourself down to Craftelicious for a spot of crafting, but if you don't fancy getting your hands a bit dirty then it is just worthwhile popping in for tea and a crepe. You won't be disappointed! 


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