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Friday 17 January 2014

Making Decisions

Hello Y'all!

How are we?

These last two weeks I have made a decision......as much as I like designing kids hats I am no longer going to make this the focus of my crochet. My new focus is going to be......HOMEWARE! There are a couple of reasons for this: 

1. I don't have children so find it hard to get the sizing right as I don't have models to hand (although the ones I sell I do test out on at least one child!)

2. I can't take 'in action' pictures of my hats as I don't have my own children to model them on (may change, who knows?!?!) which I think will impair sales

3. I love a pretty house full of hand-made things and so do many people I know, making it an ideal market.

4. I already have some homeware in my Folksy Shop and have made loads of bunting, which out of all my work it seems to get the most attention (especially my Strawberry Bunting).

5. Due to my short attention span I like to make small things......and most homeware (except blankets, oh no!) is small

So who wants to make a bet? Will my living room end up looking like this:

Eclectic Living Room by Amsterdam Media & Bloggers Holly Marder

.....or like this:

                                                  Source (there are some fantastic pictures here!)

Both are pretty fabulous don't you think???


P.S I am still going to be working on some adult knitwear

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