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Sunday 17 November 2013

Durham Lumiere


Hope you all had a brilliant weekend! As you may have seen from my last post I was at Durham Lumière Saturday into Sunday. This is a festival where Durham is transformed into a city-wide spectacular of light every evening from Thurs-Sunday. I have never been in Durham before, and the trailer for the festival looked fantastic so was so excited to go! 

The festival consisted of installations across the old part of the city. One of the most spectacular were projections onto the Cathedral- so clever! Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this as it was too tricky to get a good picture. However, I did get plenty more.....

So here we have a couple of 'words in light' kind of installations......

I found the top one hilarious as I am the most impatient person ever (not the most unhappy though!)

Then we have some brilliant 'dresses' in the cathedral cloisters....

These changed colour and were absolutely gorgeous!

We also saw these light-up trees, all pretty and sparkly!

This was one of our personal favourites

...row after row of supermarket plastic bags filled with different coloured lights! Durham is on an anti plastic bag drive so this was partly to raise awareness....and a fantastic way of going about it I say. I loved the colours.....and there were hundreds and hundreds of them. At the end of this street was this:

....a Christmas tree made from carrier bags too!

There were loads of other installations too that I was unable to photograph, most notably a holographic elephant 'guarding' one of the bridges into the festival which was AMAZING! 

It will be on again in 2016 so if you can, definitely go! 

SS xx

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