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Friday 4 October 2013

Arghhhhhhh!!!! Sausage fingers!!!!

Argghhhhhhh!!!!! I woke up this morning and my fingers and hand were all swollen up like big pink fat sausages!!! The last few mornings they have felt a bit stiff, but this morning they felt more stiff and were pretty swollen. I guess the slight stiffness I had been feeling was just minor swelling that wasn't massively visible.

Off to Google I went and realised that is is probably due to my wrist problem.....which according to doctors is likely to be Carpel Tunel. They had been feeling loads better and I haven't been having any of the nerve pain that I had previously been experiencing. I have even been able to crochet for about an hour a day (with breaks) and also knit for the same time without getting much/any pain. Guess I had just overdone it a bit yesterday, so am having a no knit no crochet day today. This is kinda fine though as I have loads of other exciting things to do which I will tell you about later once its more finalised. Lets just say that it is crochet related :-)

I took a couple of potential 'logo shots'.....what do you reckon? Also although I say it myself I think my photos are slowly improving.

Thankfully after a little bit of a massage "in the direction of my heart"- direct quote from Google the swellng went down and I even managed 40 lengths in the pool this morning with no wrist pain :-)

Anyone else had similar problems and if so how did you deal with it?

Massive loves to you all 

SS xx

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