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Friday 11 October 2013

Introducing 'Chorlton Crochet Club'!!!


I am thrilled to announce the creation of Chorlton Crochet Club........."a community group spreading the crochet love across Chorlton". What do you think of our poster? I really like that it has a bit of a vintage feel to it (and that it features loads of lovely crochet!). I took the pictures and am really please with how they look together. 

Since I moved to Chorlton (South Manchester) in January I noticed a distinct lack of crochet. There were a couple of knitting groups which unfortunately I never made it to. Before I moved I got in touch with Safina who owns a gorgeous, pink, craft cafe, Craftelicious, about the prospect of doing some work with her. She mostly specialises in decoupatch and furniture revamping but co-incidentally had just discovered crochet. She wondered if I wanted to help her run some informal knitting and crochet workshops. Unfortunately, despite lots of initial interest it appeared people wanted a different format.....so 'Chorlton Crochet Club was born! 

This is going to be an informal group for keen crocheters and beginners alike.....a chance for people to share their patterns and ideas, and also a place where they can come if they need any help. We are also happy to teach total beginners, although the emphasis will be on learning from others, the internet, books etc with our guidance. Safina has also very kindly said that I can sell some of my work in her shop which I am very excited about.

We have already had a fair amount of interest so are hoping that our club will be a great new addition to the Chorlton art community!

Check out our website and our Facebook Page !!!! 


SS xx

UPDATE 09/05/15 : sadly for the moment Chorlton Crochet Club is no longer meeting. This is for a variety of reasons but we really hope to have some news for you soon. 

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