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Monday 14 November 2016

A proper good Sunday

You know how it is sometimes when there is always something going on. A gig. Birthday drinks. Halloween get-togethers. Though I love all of the above I haven't had a day to just sit down and create for what feels like months. I always optimistically pack up my crochet on a Friday and before I know it I'm back on the motorways Sunday afternoon and it hasn't even been unpacked.

This Sunday however I was in the house for the whole day by myself. Thanks to a visit from family Saturday I'd had to do a bit of clean prior to their visitation so the flat was clean, tidy and I had nothing I *had* to do. Two guesses to what I did do......

Yep, you got it. I made a start on a new crochet project, which just happened to be my first piece of Christmas crochet. Another first, its my first attempt at a crochet garment. I thought I'd start small making a cardigan for a colleagues little baby who will be 6 months by Christmas. 

The pattern is 'Striped Baby Cardigan' by Annelies Baes in Inside Crochet issue 81. I was drawn to the simple shape and the stripes. I also liked that it is a gender neutral pattern so may make it for a couple of other friends' babies. 

I am using the recommended yarn, Scheepjes Merino Soft in 617, 603 and 636. It is ridiculously squishy and bouncy, and I noticed it actually kept my hands warm as I worked. Perfect with the current plummet in temperature. 

I did have to rip back once as I may have misinterpreted the pattern but by the afternoon I'd worked the neck and shoulders. As I have never crocheted a garment before I was unsure of how it would be constructed. Its really clever. The long side is the back, the short edges either side of the gap become the front and the slightly longer sides are where the sleeves are added later. 

I actually managed to get to the main body but the light disappeared.....

I'm looking forward to making some more progress this evening so keep an eye on Instagram in the morning! 

The day could only have been better if a roast lunch and a glass of red were involved. Instead I had toast and a 4 hour drive at the end of the day. You can't have it all!

p.s my Christmas cactus flowered!


  1. Hello from Blogtacular! Love your crochet, and great colours of wool too! I really must try to advance from granny squares - it's the only thing I can crochet :D

    1. Thank you and hello! I hope you are well. Bring your crochet to Blogtacular next year, I'll show you!

  2. The progress on the baby cardigan looks great so far! it is always nice to start a new project :) it is nice having time to yourself to create as well I love this time.