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Monday 28 November 2016

Shop small this Christmas- a gift guide (i.e where I have bought my presents this year)

As I write this I am tucking into a massive bowl of apple crumble, from the last of my friend's apples. This weekend I mostly spent time cooking with said apples and crocheting. I also had a bit of a podcast binge (I do love a good podcast), including the latest, and last in the series of Kate's lovely podcast, A Playful Day. Kate talked about where she would be spending her money this Christmas, with small businesses and those with an ethical, sustainable and charitable ethos. This made me think about where I have spent my money this Christmas and I believe this may be the first year I have purchased gifts almost entirely from small businesses, some of which are local to me. This made me very happy, and I would like to share with you some of the businesses I have purchased gifts from. 

Pixiecraft- Katy's brilliant embroidery makes for great gifts. I have bought gifts from Katy before, and even went to one of her embroidery classes which taught me loads. 

PACT Coffee- the coffee subscription service with a difference. PACT source directly from farmers, who receive a fair price for their coffee, enabling them to gain the financial resources required to maintain and improve production. In addition, the coffee is absolutely delicious owing to it being roasted and packaged within 7 days of landing on your doorstep. They are also currently supporting the charity Shelter. 

Hedgehog Fibres- if you are a yarny Hedgehog Fibres will not be new to you, if not take a look and get ready to be amazed by all the pretty colours

Vicki Brown Designs- on the subject of yarn Vicki Brown has started dyeing her own yarns and they are FANTASTIC! She has also started her Shawl Club where she releases a shawl pattern and a skein of her own yarn starting in January bimonthly throughout 2017. Check out her Etsy shop as they have been very popular. My mum has bought one for herself, and I have one on my Birthday list. 

Chorlton Art Market Hub- a treasure trove of vintage clothing, original artwork, home accessories and so much more! This shop supports over 60 local artists. Do visit if you are in the area!

Nicola Fernandes- Nicola is a fantastic artist, inspired by nature, her love of cats, Beyonce and her distaste of the current political situation in the UK and US. Check out Nicola's Etsy shop for quirky and original pet portraits, Donald Trump catnip toys and hilarious puns! 

You can hear Kate's podcast, which inspired this post, here, along with Kate's own gift guide.

Keep it small, keep in local, spread the love. 


  1. it is such a good idea to think local for gifts around this time of the year. Although I live in Canada, you have reminded me that I want to buy local and more handmade once I get settled more and have a full time job. They are all lovely I visited their sites.
    Take care,

  2. WOW, it's amazing. It's really different and much more beautiful designs. Foods Embroidery Designs you have amazing ideas!! Well done