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Wednesday 9 March 2016

The ripple blanket is finished!

Following from my ode I wanted to show you the ripple blanket in all its glory! Here goes....

Pattern by Ayda Algin in Mollie Makes Issue 53

I just love it, and am curled up underneath it as I type.

The self-satisfaction I have felt from finishing this blanket has really surprised me. Perhaps I feel this way because it took me nine whole months from beginning to end (though I did have some massive breaks!). NINE MONTHS! To me that is a massive commitment. Perhaps it is also because I actually finished it. It would have been so easy to just hide it up in the cupboard and ignore it in favour of quick projects which give instant gratification. I pretty much forced myself to pick it up again and I'm so glad of it.

Finishing this blanket has made me think a bit differently about the projects I undertake in the future. Whilst I will always love making small, little things, hats, scarves, coasters, maybe I will always make sure that I have a 'long-time' project on the go? Something that I can work on for a week or so and put down when other projects and design deadlines come up. I do currently have a blanket which has been three years in the making- perhaps it is due a bit of airtime?

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