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Monday 1 June 2015

Exam results, cycling holiday and a little feature in Inside Crochet!

France Cycle Touring Holiday Sally Strawberry Thirkettle

Last week was a great one for three main reasons.

1. I fulfilled a long-term dream of going on a cycling touring holiday. Carrying all of our luggage, tent, sleeping bag etc on our bikes we cycled from Calais to Boulogne, through the beautiful French countryside into Belgium and then down to Lille. It was fantastic and I miss my bike already!

In Lille we visited an AMAZING shop called La droguerie. Feast your eyes on these.......

Sadly I was seriously lacking in space on my bike bags (you still need a handbag on a cycling holiday no?) so I couldn't buy anything but I really hope to go back one day (and soon!). Thanks to Pete for the photography here. 

2. In other news I passed my exams!! These were for the masters degree component of my training job. To say I'm relieved is an understatement, the thought of having to retake way playing on my mind. 

3. Last but not remotely least (can you tell I'm excited?!) I'm featured in the 'Blogs We Love' column in Inside Crochet (Issue 66). Here is a little sneak peak...

1, 2, 3......ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :-)

I hope you have a great week


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