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Sunday 21 June 2015

New Year goals revisited

In January I posted some New Year Goals (you can read these in full here).I was keen to call these goals rather than resolutions, as they give me something to aim for, and not something I resolve to do. Resolutions can end in guilt if you can't keep up what you resolve to do, goals can only be achieved, exceeded or worked towards. I've always been the sort of person who likes to exceed goals, but have come to realise over the years that this can cause untold amounts of unnecessary pressure and/or stress, and that really doing all that you can do is enough. As a result, I tried to keep my goals reasonably achievable, with a bit of a challenge thrown in here and there, to give me something to work towards.

I thought that seeing as we are half way through the year, and on the longest day of the year, I'd review these goals and see what I have achieved.

Goal 1: Design something and put out a pattern every 2-3 months

This is something I would really like to work on and will put this at the top of my list of priorities this summer. As you may have noticed I have not released a single pattern this year.

Verdict: working towards

Here is a little sneak peak of something to come.

Goal 2: Blog twice a month and more if I can

Looking at my post archive I've pretty much managed this

Verdict: Goal achieved!! Whilst I would love to post more (maybe get it up to a post a week by the end of the year) this will require better organisation and planning. Best get making use of the longer days.

Goal 3: learn to play the guitar

Verdict: working towards- should definitely be getting some more practice in!

Goal 4: run a half marathon and cycle loads

So as you may know I didn't run my planned half marathon in March due to injury but I did complete the Great Manchester Run last month. You can read about this here. I have also been cycling lots and even went on a cycling holiday which you can read about here. I am currently out of action (as of yesterday) with another running injury at the moment but am still keeping fit. Fingers crossed a week off will do the trick!

Verdict: I would definitely say achieving here. Although my running isn't going too great I'm still trying. I haven't let the injuries get to me too much, and am still keeping up my strength and fitness.

It has actually been a nice little exercise going through these goals, and even though I may not have achieved all I wanted I've still got another 6 months, plus I'm still trying and haven't given up on any of them (yet!).

Did any of you make any goals/resolutions? If so how are you getting on?


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