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Thursday 23 April 2015

Bit of silliness to end the week

Last week I had a massive clearout. I found a couple of half-finished projects from years ago that I had totally forgotten about. I found a couple of hats that only needed a couple of rows adding. To be honest they are both pretty silly (but great at the same time I say!). I thought as it's nearly Friday I would show you the first. Its is a pattern by Sarah of RepeatCrafterMe. I started it a coupe of years ago to make for a friends' little girl, but the first size I made practically fitted me! All I needed was to untangle the yarn, add a couple of rows and hey presto! Don't think it would win any prizes on the catwalk but its crocheted in Rowan 100% wool so is lovely and soft and warm....

I would also like to say thanks very much for your kind comments on my last post, I think I;ll got for that Etsy shop ya know, especially now there are more hours in the daylight for taking photos!

Have a great weekend,


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