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Wednesday 13 August 2014

WIP Wednesday

In a departure from my normal WIP posts where I update you on my latest crochet projects I'm choosing this moment to fill you in on the progress of my crochet business and the direction in which my life will be leading shortly. 

If you jump back to a year ago I was crocheting at a crazy speed, trying to finish loads of projects before a family holiday, this resulted in a nasty bout of RSI which to be honest I have never 100% recovered from, and as soon as I was able to crochet again went mad again crocheting for Christmas markets. These markets didn't go massively well for numerous reasons (I don't think to do with my stock, more about the low footfall and lack of advertising). I sold well at better organised markets in the spring, and some of my items were really popular which gave me a bit of a boost. All of the work I sold was made from original designs, made by me. I really got a buzz out of designing something new, and after a couple of markets realized that it was the designing that I loved, and not making items in bulk for a market stall.

Please, don't get me wrong, I think doing markets has been the single best thing for my crochet work. I have met loads of great people, I have become more confident at talking with strangers, I have even (just about) got a bit better at selling myself and my work. I have also made great long-lasting connections with people in the craft world. I loved standing on a stall all day, playing market trader, but I got so bored with making the same pieces over and over. If I could be a trader selling someone else's handicrafts then I would, but that would defeat the object really....

For the past year and a half I have been trying to grow my crochet business whilst working in the evening at a restaurant. It has been hard work, I have had no money, and the long hours have been tiring but I think I will look back on it as a great time in my life....a time when I can manage my own time, work as hard or as little as I like, and enjoy the odd day sitting out in the Sun! 

However, as you may have gleaned from recent posts I have a job starting in 3 weeks where I can use all my years of scientific study, and could provide a great career path. Yep, you got it, I'm joining the world of the 9-5. So, what will happen with this blog and my crochet? It is a double-edged sword really. One the one hand I'm embarking on a career that can have real positive impacts on peoples' lives, where I can use my knowledge and expertise and learn something new everyday, on the other hand I will have to answer to others, work to someone else's time scale and I will have less time for crochet. But, if you have less time what do you do? Use it wisely! I will have my evenings free for crochet, and as I'm moving to an area where I know absolutely no-one, I will have plenty of time to knuckle down and get on with some designing.

Ah, yes, designing. That was where I was getting to. I have realised that designing is where my true passion lies. I'm not saying I'm a great designer, but I am practicing, and practicing and I am definitely improving. Luckily, being from a scientific, maths background I find the pattern writing side fairly painless, as number patterns come to me very naturally, not to mention the double and triple checking that I had to do as a research scientist! 

I have two patterns to release very shortly, a third is getting there, and another a secret project in collaboration with a great yarn company will be released in the Autumn which I am oh so very excited about!

That's it from me today, and I hope you get where I'm coming from (my writing is a bit more mad scientist than literary genius too!).

Have a great one,

SS xx

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  1. All the best to you in your new job! New beginnings are always exciting, and moving to a new city and making new connections is a great (positive) challenge. Hoping all goes well and you do get some time here and there to update us on how things are going and perhaps to even share some crochet. :)

    1. Thanks very much for your good wishes Iris. Yes, moving to Manchester was pretty exciting and I got loads or positive things out of it, such as starting this blog and my little crochet business. Hopefully I will be able to make plenty of time for crochet (there's alwys time for crochet hey? I hope you have a good weekend x

  2. So excited for you! Wishing you all the best! :)