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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WIP Wednesday

Compared to the last couple of weeks I actually have something to show you! I'm still busy pattern writing (I'm soooo close to the finish line I tell you....soooooo close!). I have indulged in a bit of crochet from a pattern. I can't remember the last time I crocheted something from a book or magazine.....perhaps this scarf at Christmas.  It was such as relief not to have to use my brain too much, and so relaxing too. It really made me remember why I fell in love with crochet in the first place.  So much so I actually started one project and completed another. 

The photo above shows the beginning of the Milk and Honey cushion in this month's Simply Crochet. Despite having a subscription for over a year this is only the second thing I have made from it (the scarf at Christmas being the first!). It really grabbed my attention....the design....the colours.....just gorgeous! The yarn is Drops Karisma, a 100% double knit. It is beautifully soft and I'm loving every minute of this yarn and this project so far.

I also completed a granny cowl from a book of my sister's 'Granny Square Crochet' by Catherine Hirst. Its a great looking book, but many are quite big and involved (blankets, cushion covers etc). The chunky pointed cowl jumped out at me though. Chunky yarn + big hook = quick project! Just my kind of thing. So armed with a 10mm hook (yes, I think armed is the appropriate description here) and some Sirdar Big Softie this bad boy was crocheted up in about an hour.

Oooh, just look at those chunky stripes! I think this will become a firm favourite come winter.

Have you got any new projects on the go? 

Joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along today



  1. I love the colours in your pattern, and the design :) It looks very Scandinavian!

  2. I love the granny cowl! The colors are beautiful and you did an amazing job! :)

    1. Thanks Melissa. Yes, red is probably my favourite colour!

  3. It looks like you have got to a good start on the cushion! and the cowl looks like it will be very warm for the winter! I am working on knitting some socks at the moment following a pattern from Verypink knits :) have a good week!

    1. Yes, it is very very warm! Enjoy your sock knitting :-) I have only ever made one sock before.....it's probably about time I got on with the second! Have a good week too x