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Wednesday 23 April 2014

#CraftBlogClub- March Challenge

Started by Emma at Frugally Peachy, #CraftBlogClub it is a sociable network for all craft bloggers including a weekly twitter networking chat (Tuesdays 7-8.30pm). Each month Emma sets a challenge, with this month's challenge being a 'Spring Clean Gift Swap' . The idea is that you make something either out of materials you already have or finish off a project that has been hanging around a while, and swap gifts with another member of the club.  Emma paired us up- I was paired with Katie of Katie Gets Crafty (@KatieGetsCrafty).

I was so excited about this challenge! I love making things but rarely do they have any use or a recipient in mind. This was the perfect opportunity for some crafty indulgence. I wanted to make something that Katie would really like....from her blog I knew she liked animals. Unfortunately my attempt at needle-felting some woodland animals fell pretty flat (they were so so bad) so, being in the middle of knitting THAT dreaded 4ply jumper,  I turned to my sewing machine and some fabric I had bought for a curtain years ago. I no longer even live in the house it was intended for so I was thrilled to be able to put it to use. 

The day I finished my gift for Katie, I got a parcel....EEEEK!!! I may have actually had a little jump around!
I haven't got a crochet hook case- my hooks are usually strewn over the coffee table- so I was over the moon with this lovely gift from Katie. 

whats more....... when you open it up..........strawberries!!!!!


It was put to use right away :-)

Thanks so much Katie!

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  1. The hook holder is really lovely and such a great idea!! Lovely post to open! Looking forward to sending mine and receiving one too :) x

  2. That's lovely! I found your blog via #craftblogclub. I've posted about my swap today.

  3. This is absolutely amazing - what a thoughtful gift!! Thanks so much for taking part!