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Monday 28 April 2014

Day Trip

Last week my parents were visiting for a couple of days. They drove all the way from Norwich, armed with Easter goodies!

As we don't have a car at the moment so find it hard to leave Manchester unless we use public transport they took us out for a day trip. My Dad has a new car and he wanted to drive it along the windy roads of the Peak District so we chose to go to Buxton. Buxton is a spa town in Derbyshire- home of Buxton water and some gorgeous buildings (Opera House and the Dome) to name a few. 

So, after posting THAT jumper (phew!) we got going. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind as you can see from these snaps but it was still fantastic to get away from the city. If you haven't been to the Peak District before you should. The scenery is stunning in places. 

We stopped for a cuppa at the cafe next door but I just loved the arrangement of flowers outside the florists.

As you can see it was a bit rainy....

So, here's a bit of the historical stuff....

Here you can see the Dome. In the 18th Century it was actually a stable block housing some 110 horses but now it is home to one of the Derby University campuses. What a great place to be at uni hey?

Here is the pavillion. I just love the bandstand in the Pavillion Gardens.

Best of all we made friends in the Pavilion Gardens.

Hello chaps :-)

Ooooh, I do love a day out! Have you been on any day trips recently?

SS xx

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