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Monday 25 September 2017


Following my massive hiatus I feel that a few snaps from my trip to Yarndale this weekend would be the perfect way to get back into this weird and wonderful world of blogging. 

Before I go blundering straight in I will talk little about Yarndale itself. Now in its 5th year, Yarndale is a fibre festival held in Skipton Auction Market. It is a festival celebrating yarn, celebrating fibre arts, and celebrating community. I have never seen so much gorgeous yarn under one roof! Skipton is a beautiful market town in the North of England, and one that is definitely worth a visit. It would be a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. 

Myself and a group of 12 family members and family friends decided to make a weekend of it, and booked a ridiculously amazing cottage just outside of Skipton. There were 3 living rooms (three?!), one with panoramic views across the Yorkshire Moors, which was perfect for some early morning crochet. 

Yarndale is spread over both the Saturday and Sunday, though we chose to go on the Saturday. Sunday was spent cooing over our purchases, drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, and crafting. I was working on my crochet, and worked with a friend on our first attempts at the crocheted sock the yarn for which we purchases on Saturday (check back for details of my purchases later as they deserve a post of their own!).  

I didn't take my camera. I'm so glad of this is it was so busy, I bought a lot, and a big camera would have been a complete pain to carry around. Therefore, I was only able to take photos on my phone. The outside area had been yarn bombed and these photos didn't come out too badly on my phone. I have taken 'proper' photos of my purchases, including the sock yarn I wound Sunday, to share in a later post. 

I won't hold back any longer- here are a few pictures from the day.........

Amazing mandalas hanging from the trees:

I absolutely loved this snail as part of this collaborative project:

This is a great idea.... crochet spirals spinning in the trees:

A little glimpse at my latest finished project, a crocheted rucksack designed by Kate of Just Pootling which was a supplement with Inside Crochet Issue 92. There is also a rather embarrassing photo of myself at the Inside Crochet stand on my Instagram feed.

Did you go to Yarndale? Would love to hear how you enjoyed it :-)

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