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Sunday 12 March 2017

Brain overload

I started writing a post about how overloaded my brain is at the moment, both creatively and with life in general, but getting my thoughts into words proved too much for my already overworked, under-rested, incredibly scatty brain. I think the post I started will be a bit of time in the making whilst I gather my thoughts. I have had big (exciting) news this week that I will share once its all settled which has also contibuted to the mind blowing. This morning I spent a quiet 15 minutes in the garden and it was a welcome relief

When we moved into our flat four years ago we started growing herbs from seed. Some are doing amazingly well, whilst others faded after a couple of years. Over the last few weeks we have started planting some vegetables using the principles outlined in this book- Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet. 

Nothing relaxes me more than pottering about with my camera, so here are a couple of shots from our garden.

These mushrooms are quite possibly the weirdest mushrooms I've ever seen....does anyone know what they are? 


  1. ooh can't wait to find out what your big news it! those are weird looking mushrooms! I love the photos of the flowers. Hope you feel less overwhelmed!

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