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Thursday 7 July 2016

The fragility of small businesses- raise a glass to supporting the independents!

In the past couple of weeks my two most favourite independent yarn companies have closed. Libby Summers closed her doors last week and Artesano announced that they were going into liquidation today. 

This makes me sad for two main reasons, the first being that I absolutely love their yarn and have used it numerous times in projects and designs (I cannot thank Libby enough for giving me the opportunity to design for her). The second, most important reason being that it highlights just how vulnerable small businesses can be. It only takes one thing, such as ill health, or in Artesano's case the current state of affairs here in the UK to totally knock a small business for six and  that despite putting up a brave fight there was just one knock too far for these companies. 

Sadly this highlights just how vulnerable small businesses can be, and not just yarn companies but local shops and cafes too.  Lets all raise a glass to supporting the independents! 

I would like to wish Libby and the team behind Artesano yarns all the best in their future endeavors and thanks for all the support!


  1. Oh no! I hadn't heard about Artesano and I loved their yarns too - time to go and hoard what I have in the stash! I'll raise a glass to the independents with you - and hope for a happy future for them all!

    1. SO sad :-( it was on their Facebook page this afternoon. I'm crocheting with some right now, though luckily have enough to finish. Cheers!

    2. hello, I went to their facebook page and there was nothing on there about liquidation, I did write emails to them in July and didn't get any word. Wonder what's going on?

    3. I'm not sure.....The posts don't appear to be there now though from some of the comments on the recent post the process is underway

  2. I had pre ordered yarn which they charged me for and never shipped. I had to work with PayPal to get my money back. Can't say that I feel very sorry for them after that!

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