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Sunday 20 September 2015

Visit to the Toft Alpaca farm

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I was given the opportunity to review Kerry Lord's new book Edwards Menagerie: birds. You can read my post over here but the short of it is that I loved it.

As I eluded to in that same post  I got to visit the Toft Farm and shop for the book launch. The farm is owned by Kerry's parents and the shop, yarn company and designs were masterminded by Kerry. You go girl!

So, what you have all been waiting for no? Cuteness overload.....you have been warned!

Alpacas Toft yarn SallyStrawberry

Alpacas Toft yarn SallyStrawberry

Alpacas Toft yarn SallyStrawberry

Alpacas Toft yarn SallyStrawberry

Yep, I saw babies too! Baby alpacas are called Cria. Some other Alpaca facts I learned whilst visiting the farm:

  • Alpaca's are pregnant for 11 months. They also nearly always give birth in the morning. This is from when they lived in South America where it is very cold at night. They wanted their babies to be all dry and warm before night set in!
  • They provide one fleece a year
  • As they get older their fleece gets coarser and are no longer suitable for yarn (although great for duvets!)
  • Alpacas do not spit at humans, they spit at each other to settle disputes and assert their authority- sometimes humans just get caught in the crossfire!

Now for the shop. Wow, just wow. It is the shop I always wish I had had. Piles of sumptuous yarn, all of eds animals crocheted up for admiration, cracking food, the most delicious cake and coffee (the bakewell slice was awesome!). Want to have a look?

I would definitely recommend paying the shop and farm a visit, even just for a squidge of the yarn and a slice of cake.