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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Ideas for Autumn

As we say goodbye to summer my brain has been bursting with ideas of crochet designs and makes for the next couple of months. I can be pretty scatty (an understatement!) so sometimes having lots of ideas is not always a good thing.....what to do first? Will I get bored before I finish? What if I get a better idea?

I'm good with lists. They always calm me down a bit and focus my attention. So, these are my plans:

  • Make 'enough' Christmas items to stock 2 shops and also sell on Facebook
  • Draw up 3 crochet submissions
  • Take photos of all my designs/makes as I go
  • Design and release the pattern for a sister hat to go with my recently released 'Alice Hat'
  • Update/tidy up this blog (with photos mentioned above) as today I purchesed my ticket for Blogtacular and I am overcome with excitement!! 

Lets see how I get on.....

What are your tips for coping with idea overload? Do you write lists too?

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