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Monday 11 May 2015

Manchester 10K- done!

So I'm very achy and a teeny bit worried about my (new) old knee injury but we came and we conquered the Manchester 10K run on Sunday and it was fantastic. 

Great atmosphere- tick
Loads of runners- tick (about 40,000 or something crazy!)
Good temperature- tick
No rain- tick
Fab supporters- tick
Post-run roast and glass of prosecco- tick
Sally and Pete aceing it- TICK!!

I've occasionally posted about my fitness goals, and some of you who have been ready a while may know that it May 2014 I decided to get fit! I started running again which had previously been a nightmare due to a knee problem. However, after a trip to physio and podiatry I have been able to run without the knee problem. It hasn't been plain sailing though as I've been injured a couple of times since (same knee different place). Sadly it meant that I missed out on the half marathon I was due to run in March. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise though as with my injury-prone legs it would have probably been one step too far, too early, 

I tentatively started running again in January, taking it really, really slowly. When I had the opportunity to run the 10K I was slightly nervous about signing up, as it seems that every time I sign up for a run I get injured, Not this time though, and I was thrilled! Here's a pic my sister took of me about 500m from the end. Nice shot sis, my feet are not even on the floor!

Anyone else there on Sunday? Wasn't it just fantastic



  1. Well done! It sounds like you had a great time. I'm running a 10km in a couple of weeks and hoping my knees behave! Congratulations on your 10km x

  2. Wooh... well done you! You look like you are flying in the pic! I'm planning on getting out and a bit fitter over the summer, but to being a bit decrepit/middle aged I am going to be walking rather than running!