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Saturday 7 February 2015

My top 5 blog posts as decided by YOU!

I find it really interesting to find out what you find interesting. So a quick look at my 'stats' page tells me that these are your favourite posts.

In reverse order:

This was from a very early post in my blogging history. This hat from Repeat Crafter Me became a favourite

This was one of my first sewing projects after getting a sewing machine for Christmas last year. I was pretty proud of this to be honest.

This was a collaborative piece written by myself with contributions from Not So Granny and Lazy Daisy Jones about the joys of crochet-induced RSI. This post is mostly found through Google searches, so I really hope that it has been able to help some people. 

If you crochet and don't know what a magic circle is then check out this tutorial now! The magic circle is a revelation. 

I rather like this pattern, and it has proved pretty popular on Ravelry too. Check it out in the 'patterns' tab of my blog if you fancy having a go. They are really easy, but pretty addictive so be warned. They also use the magic circle tutorial about. 

So, here they are, Up next will be my 5 top blog posts as decided by ME!

Take care,


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