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Monday 17 March 2014



For those of you who are Bake-Off addicts you may remember that the contestant had to make a Sachertorte as one of the no-recipe challenges.  This torte is a Viennese speciality (apparently Dec 5th is National Sachertorte Day!).

I've been wanted to make one of these ever since. I bake quite a lot but always the same things....mostly victoria sponges that I whip up in 10 mins off the top of my head. This looked way more involved and a bit of a challenge but achievable nonetheless.

We were celebrating our friend Camille's birthday Friday so took it as the perfect opportunity to give the cake a go. The recipe I used was in the book '100 Cakes and Bakes' by Mary Berry. 

It is a funny old recipe.....no fat, no flour. Instead it uses ground almonds and the amazing power of eggs to retain air when whisked (I still marvel at this!). It also uses a lot of dark chocolate! The oh so shiny icing is a mix of dark chocolate and double cream and the piping is done using melted white chocolate. 

I'll confess, it did burn a tiny bit, although I managed to scrape the worst of it off, plus icing hides a multitude of sins! It was also the first time I have tried to pipe lettering onto a cake and with only a little bit of white chocolate I didn't have enough to practice first- it just had to go straight on to the cake. So here you are.......

Not perfect, a bit rough around the edges but I was pretty pleased with it....

How did it taste you may ask? Not wanting to blow my own trumpet too much IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BLOOMIN' DELICIOUS!!!

Have a go and let me know how you get on,

SS xx

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