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How to block small items

This is my method for blocking small items such as bunting for example, or anything that could do with being a bit more sturdy. I wouldn't use this for a toy as it would loose some of its cuddliness.

So.....see these triangles of crochet fabulousness here.....sorry....I mean strange shapes all curled up at the corners.....these are my bunting triangle pre-blocking (I will write up the pattern for these soon).


The kit:

  • Damp t-towel (I put it under the tap and wring it out well)
  • An iron (any old iron- mine doesn't even steam anymore)
  • Pins
  • and the magic ingredient- SPRAY STARCH (only a quid in the laundry aisle of any supermarket)

The process:
  1. Place item front side down onto ironing board
  2. Spray liberally with spray starch
  3. Make sure it is flat and cover with damp t-towel
  4. With iron on a LOW SETTING (very important!) press firmly onto work through the t-towel

It is very important that you don't hold the iron down very long. 5 secs at a time max, otherwise you risk squashing/melting your work, especially if you are using acrylic. Keep on pressing until your work stays flat when you remove the t-towel, but please please please not long enough to burn it.

5. Turn work over so that the right side is facing up
6. Spray the front liberally with starch
7. Pin into place stretching out the corners. I just do this straight into the ironing board foam.
8. Leave to dry overnight
9. VoilĂ ! Lovely flat, slightly stiffened, triangles ready to be strung into bunting!

p.s When I am blocking component parts of a stuffed toy for example I just iron lightly on reverse through a damp t-towel. The pieces are then ok to be used straight away!


See the difference yeah? The advantages of blocking are really obvious.....so no excuses ey!

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